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CW Marketing Inc. is a digital marketing agency that helps online businesses grow

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Inventive Digital Ideas

We provide solutions that help Internet merchants increase traffic to their sites and ultimately result in more sales!


Review current business and create a plan to drive traffic and sales


Analyze current processes and target market


Design a solution that will meet client goals for traffic and sales generation


Implement online and website changes to meet the agreed goals


Digital Design

CW Marketing Inc. is a company based in the Caribbean island of St. Kitts-Nevis.  We have run a number of oneline bsuinesses and understand what is needed to increase traffic and sales to in an online environment.
Our solutions are innovative and results based; our fees and reasonable and performance based on a percentage of increased sales.

2000 % Increase in traffic
30 Projects Completed
18 Happy Clients
871 Cups of Coffe


Best in Class
  • Responsive design

    All our solutions are designed to work on all device types - desktop, tablets and mobile.

  • Clean code

    All code implemented is well documented and laid out, so that in the future clients can modify easily.

  • Easy to Customize

    Solutions that are easily modified and adaptable, ensuring that any changes are quickly implemented.

  • Creative Design

    A hallmark of our solutions include beautiful and compelling designs.

Weinnovate features


We review and redesign sites to ensure they better meet the target market. Our designers have worked wioth clients across all industry types and understand what is required in design to ensure that websites are as "sticky" as possible and convert visitors to sales. We ensure that the correct use of SEO is employed such that minimial paid advertising is required but organic searches always include our client sites very high in search results. We ensure that meta keywords and other search engine tools are employed in the correct and web compliant manner.

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. Our designers are experts in both graphic and text design. We also have a number of designers we contract with seperately for those instances where something very specific is required that a specialist designer would be more useful. We design with a view of sales, so whilst they are aethetically pleaseing the whole purpose is ti increase our clients revenue and bottom line.

Our client's brand is often their most important asset. We understand how to create unique brands that meet the customer positioning goals. Part of our process is to work with client to develop that brand identity and have all staff memebrrs and partners buy into that brand ensuring that all communications with clients reflect our client's identity.

  • Web design
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand & Identity

Why choose us ?

We will succeed!

CW Marketing Inc. will provide you with a solution that increases traffic and will result in increased sales. We will increase your sales and you will not pay unless we succeed in doing so!


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